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Electronic Plan Review

“Electronic plan submittal, review, and collaboration reduces processing times by up to 80%.”

Increase efficiency at your organization by reducing paper, printing, and delivery costs associated with the plan review process. Hard copy, paper plans become a thing of the past with electronic plan review software and the approval process can be managed via a user-friendly web interface, from start to finish.

Thanks to this technology, government staff, homeowners, and contractors alike can easily submit, review, revise, compare side by side, collaborate, and approve drawings and plans. Benefits to this type of solution include:

  • An automated and streamlined review process
  • Vastly improved communication and accuracy
  • Elimination of redundancy
  • Notable increase of cost savings.

Features Include:

  • Create submitter profiles to manage security settings
  • Submit applications and attachments online
  • Check the status of your submittal real time
  • Resubmit changes as necessary
  • Review and compare marked up drawings
  • Complete revision management
  • Floor to floor comparisons
  • Set deadlines
  • Automatic notifications and escalation procedures
  • Sequential and parallel processing
  • Route to multiple reviewers at once
  • View and markup of over 50 different file formats online, including DWG, PDF, CAD layers, etc.

Electronic Plan Review helps improve government efficiency and reduce the waste associated with traditional review processes. Processing times can be reduced by up to 80%, while data accuracy is vastly improved. Take advantage of these tools to capture new efficiencies in manpower, resources, and environmental conservation!